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preserve child windows on page refresh - window.showModelessDialog

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Child windows opened with 'window.showModelessDialog' goes away when we stitch to another URL in browser..
Can we avoid this?
Any alternative on using 'window.showModelessDialog' to achieve this?

- Shwetank
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A possible alternative is to use the method instead of window.showModelessDialog. It opens a new application window not a dialog, but an application window works similarly to a modeless dialog. Additionally, the method returns a reference to the opened window and the 'window.opener' property in the opened window refers to the opener window that allow you to communicate between the two windows.

For further details, please see the method and the window.opener property.
I hope that helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



The new window instance is the only thing that does not go away when the URL changes. Dinamically created elements, dialogs and any other content will go away.
But a possible workaround is to store the open dialogs and reopen them when the document has been loaded. This provides a solution for page reload and when the user goes to another page in your site, but does not solve the problem when the user navigates away from your site.

You can use the localStorage and sessionStorage objects to store data locally within the user's browser. For details, please see:
Web storage (Wikipedia)
DOM Storage guide (MDN)
I will be opening multiple windows one after the other and will create new browser instance each time. I need window.showmodellessdialog like behavior for child windows but also to preserve them on page reload.... Any clue on this? - shwetank -
I've edited my answer. - Dottoro -
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