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paragraph html lost when creating/editing pages

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I have just installed a fresh copy of wordpress 3.8 and just bought Dottoro.

The problem I have is with pages. It seems that the
is lost when the page is served.

What I mean is that the content in the page has paragraphs, but this is stripped out when the page is viewed on the website.

If I change to some other wp theme then the paragraphs can be seen. so it definately is an issue with dottoro.

please help as this is a fundamental flaw.

wp theme (12 KB)
dottoro version (11 KB)
editor view (28 KB)
1 Answer
Hi Kal,

Automatic paragraphing is not allowed for all post types by default in the theme. You can enable it under Theme options / General / wpautop and wptexturize.

You can find more detailed information about wpautop in our documentation.

I hope that helps

PS: Next time please use our support forum for theme related questions.
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