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hiding menu options

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I am using s2member plugin and dottoro (child) themes.

What I am trying to do is hide menu items for visitors that are not logged in.

Now then, I have tried several plugins and they work when I don't have dottoro theme. but fail to work when I do have the dottoro theme.

Can anyone suggest any ideas please?

3 Answers
Hi Kal,

We are sorry, but we cannot reproduce the problem.
If we specify the hidden page ids under Restriction Options > Page Access Restrictions and select the Nav Menus option under Restriction Options > Alternative View Protection, then the specified menu items will be hidden for visitors that are not logged in.
It works using the Dottoro Theme and for instance using the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme.

Can you describe in more detail your menu and s2member plugin settings?
Thank you.

PS: Next time please use our support forum for theme related questions.
Hello, Thank you for your speedy response, much appreciated. I didn't know to put this post in the support forum. Will do next time. Ok on my site... I have the "introduction" menu item which has an id=25 In the "Restriction Options > Page Access Restrictions" I have put 25 in the requires level #2 restriction. In the "Restriction Options > Alternative View Protection" section I have checked the "Nav Menus" Now, when I visit the site I can still see the "Introduction" menu item when I am not logged in. Thank you for your help. Kal - Kal -
Hello, Yes I also see the menu. And does it disappear if you switch to WordPress Twenty Fourteen? - Dottoro -
You can use CSS display: none; visibility: hidden. Or you can also use Jquery or JavaScritp. Set a variable and get its value if it is true then hide with these.

Thanks for your support it was helpful in me determining the cause.

The issue was that in the Appearance -> Menus page I assumed that because there was only one menu it was assigned to the theme.

This was not the case and what I had to do was go to the "Manage Locations" tab on that page and assign the menu I had created to the "Primary Navigation" field.

Once this was done, the menu items became hidded and visible based on whether a user was logged in or not.

Thanks for your great support!

We are glad we could help. - Dottoro -
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