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Service keys

Hi Service key should it be the same for all sites, or for each site can genenrirovat your keys?

How can change value of the "selectedindex" of a "Select" component?

I read the article about the "keypress" event.When I test the Example2, the selected object of my select component (named counter) has not been change while the selectedindex of it has been ...

Override of min-height on special pages

Hi, I have set a min-height to the body of a site: Okay, for the standard three pages this is fine. But can I set an override to that on a special page like blog? And maybe also on articles that ...

Two forums? Questions link

Hi, I just found, that there are two forums. I was trying to find out, if there is a link anywhere, that shows me my questions, that I posted. Is there any link that gathers own posts?

Error pagination

Pagination functionality on portafolio is not working. This is the error I am getting: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Dottoro_Mixed_Postlist::generate_list() in /home/webdev/public_html/wp- ...

radio button form

hi, i have what should be a simple problem, but not being a JS programmer, i'm stuck. i have a form: <table width="445px" style="margin:10px 0px 10px 10px;" cellpadding="10px"> <tr> <td width=" ...

PDF.js excecuted from CD/USB drive

I am trying to excecute pdf.js ( with dTree 2.05 (, attached to this message is the example, the thing is that when I tested ...


Copy from Envato as you suggested. Hi. Congratulations fot this extensive great work. I have a big problem with it, mostly my work shoul have multilanguage suport and i use qtranslate. The thing ...

Flickr Setup in Footer

I purchased a WordPress template Dotorro theme and am very much a novice. I then applied for a Flickr account, pulled the widget down into the footer box - and now I'm having trouble. I am ...

showmodaldialog and textcontent

window.showmodaldialog opening in new window in chrome and safari. textcontent not working in firefox

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